The team manager Ismail Ahmed described the clubs world cup draw with the balanced , and Ismail said in a statement to the club website : " We are waiting an important task where we will appear for the first time in the clubs world cup , which is a task that requires us to work with strength and focus in order to reflect the great development achieved by Qatari football , and the ditinguished level of our team , and the draw of the championship was balanced and put us in a confrontation against Al Ahly Egyptian team champion of Africa , and all the participating teams are champions in their continents , which makes us increase our preparations to prepare the players physically and technically in preparation for this participation ".

Ismail said : " Qatar has proved to everyone that it possessed the abilities that qualify it for all the championships , and this championship will be a rehearsal for the 2022 world cup , and the Qatari Cadres will prove their ability to produce the championship in a distinctive way as it did last season "

Ismail concluded by :" The team will be ready for this participation and we are waiting the support of the fans of all the Qatari clubs as the team will be for the state and the fans will support the players to increase their contribution inside the stadium " .