Salem Al-Marri..It could’ve been better

Salem Al-Marri, director of the club’s age groups, confirmed that it could have been better than it was. Al-Marri said in a statement to the club’s official website: “The football game is known to be a win and a loss game, and although we displayed a beautiful and wonderful tournament at all levels and in all age groups, but winds blow counter to what ships desire.”

Al-Marri continued: “When playing against Al-Duhail at all its levels, you must play with full force so that you can withstand our teams that play with all respect and appreciation with all teams and at their various levels. This is one of the unique features of our players, respect for the opposing team. As for the championship, we consider it an exceptional championship because it came after sports activities had stopped for a long time due to the Corona pandemic. Notably, we tried to bring back the players to their known levels as much as possible.” At the end of his speech, Salem said: “I wish success to everyone in the upcoming season. I also thank the club’s management for always standing behind every achievement, and I thank all the technical and administrative bodies in the age group sector for their efforts throughout the championship period.”