Crespo: We made it and qualified… The return of Semedo and Muntari added to the team…

Coach Hernan Crespo confirmed that the team had achieved their objective, which is to qualify for the quarterfinal round, and the coach said in the post match press conference that took place after the end of the match: We gave the opportunity to a large number of players who did not participate during the last period and despite that, we succeeded in achieving the qualification as well as the physical condition of our players.

Crespo said: I expected us to come out with a great result, especially after the opportunities that were missed in the first half, and I know that the recent period for us witnessed great pressure in matches, and the players need to rest.

Concluding, Crespo said: I am happy with the return of Semedo and Muntari and their success in completing the match and appearing at a good level, and they will be an addition to us during the coming period.