Al Moez: Congratulations to my colleague Salem… his coronation is a joy for all Gulf and Arabs…

Al Moez Ali congratulated his colleague Salem Al Dosari, Al Hilal and the Saudi national team player, after winning the Best Player Award in Asia.

Al Moez said in a statement after the end of the ceremony: I would like to congratulate my brother Salem Al Dosari and the brothers in the KSA Football Association and Al Hilal Club for crowning him with the Best Player Award in Asia, and I would like also to congratulate all the Gulf and Arabs.

Al Moez added: Al Dosari made a great effort, whether with his team, Al Hilal, or with his country’s national team in the World Cup tournament, and everyone saw his goal versus Argentina and the joy of the Saudi, Gulf and Arab fans with this victory, and certainly I and all the Arab and Gulf players are happy with this coronation.

At the end of his speech, Al Moez said: We, as players, must support and encourage each other. The players of all clubs are giving their full effort on the field for the benefit of their clubs and their country teams, and this matter will certainly contribute to the development of football in our region.