Galtier: Poor Organization and Spread are the Reason for our Defeat…

Al Duhail Head Coach Christophe Galtier attributed the team’s loss to Al Nassr this evening to a decline in performance after scoring the first goal. The coach said in the post match press conference: The match was difficult, even though we started well and succeeded in scoring first, but after that, poor organization appeared on the field, and we should have been more organized, protect the ball, and position the players well, but there was poor spread, which gave Al Nassr team the opportunity to return to the match and score, and invest in the skills of their individual players.

Galtier added: Our players gave everything, but the absences affected us, and despite that we succeeded in scoring two goals and reducing the difference, and in such competitions we cannot win when we concede a lot of goals, and it is a good experience for us to face world-class players, and there will be a strategy for our players on the defensive and offensive levels. We will continue to work and develop, and with one point so far, I think our hope of continuing has become weak.

Galtier continued: We were aware that the other match between the Iranian team and the Tajik team ended in a draw, and we were focusing on achieving victory in this match. I am still searching for the reason why we left Al Nassr team possess the ball after we scored the first goal, and we were not able to perform in the way we appeared in the previous match in Riyadh. There are players who participated in the away match and were not present in today’s game. However, we did everything possible to achieve a comeback, but we did not succeed, and Al Nassr team was decisive in all the opportunities they had.

Galtier concluded: The team concedes a number of goals in many matches. I spoke with the players and the mistakes are not only defensive, but rather a mistake of an entire system. When we have the ball, we must attack stronger, and when we defend, the positioning of our players must be good, as we demonstrated in the match versus Al Rayyan. The performance should be comprehensive as a team in all matches, and today, we were not like this.