Olunga: Absences affected the team

Michael Olunga expressed his happiness with the team victory in their match this evening, and the player said in the post match press conference after he was chosen as the star of the match: First of all, I am happy because we achieved our first victory in the tournament, which is good for us. We achieved what was required of us in the second half, and it is difficult to keep up with these clubs because their chances of qualifying. Everyone is happy, especially since we are representing a team like Al Duhail that only accepts victories. I am also happy because I won the Star of the Match award and this came thanks to the help of my teammates throughout the match.

Olunga added: We have no excuses, but we suffer from many absences and injuries, and our goal in the club is to achieve victory in all matches. We are playing on several fronts, not just the AFC Champions League, but there are the domestic competitions that we seek to achieve during the coming period.