Our team’s defender Mohamed Moussa, described the confrontation against Qatar as important, and Moussa said in the press conference that was held this evening at the club:” An important match awaits us against Qatar team, which has distinguished levels, but our team is ready for this match and we will enter the stadium in order to achieve victory ” .

Moussa said : ” I stopped for a long time due to injury, and thank God I succeeded in returning and appeared with the team in the recent period, and I hope to appear well and help my team achieve good results in the upcoming confrontations” .

Moussa continued by : ” Qatar team has a strong attack line in the middle of the brilliance of Sebastian Syria, but our defense is able to deal with this danger and stop it ” .

Moussa concluded by : ” Injuries affected a large number of our main players this season, which strongly affected the team’s shape in a number of matches, and it is the direct cause of losing the league title ” .