Al Duhail age groups crush Al Shahaniya in the cup

Our age groups under (13, 14, 15, 17, 19) years (Promising, Hope, Cubs, Juniors, Youth) crushed Al Shahaniya team, each according to its classification, with great results. As part of the merits of the cup championship’s first phase. The matches took place in the outside stadiums at Al Duhail and Al Shahaniya clubs.

The results of the matches were according to the age groups referred to above as follows: – 12 / zero, 15 / zero, 12 / zero, 5/ zero, 4 / zero.  The matches were easy for our players, which resulted in Al Shahaniya team facing great losses. Such matches are not a true criterion for evaluating the level of our categories. However, winning any match is an important and supportive element for our categories in the procession of the Cup and an preparation for meeting the bigger and stronger teams, knowing that our categories are systematically prepared to face the toughest teams.