Al-Moez: We Pledged Victory And Achieved It

Al-Moez Ali congratulated his fellow players, the team’s fans and the board of directors after the team’s victory this evening over Al-Sadd and reaching the Emir Cup final.

In a statement after the end of the match, Al-Moez said: We entered the stadium focused and we gave a strong performance, which led us to victory after drawing with Al Sadd in the league twice.

Al-Moez said: We broke the fear of defeats against Al-Sadd, and after we lost the league title, we were more determined to win a championship. Thank God, we now have a great opportunity to win the Emir Cup, and our feelings, as players, does not stop and this victory made us rejoice.

Al-Moez concluded his speech by saying: Al-Sadd’s second goal did not scare us, although the players made a great effort on the field, but the focus was clear in everyone’s performance, and I felt tired and exhausted because I am returning from an injury and I found clear cooperation from all my colleagues.