Our Age Group Results

Our four age groups under 14, 15, 17 and 19 years old (Hope, Cubs, Juniors and Youth) surpassed the Al-Rayyan team of the same age groups, with the exception of our fifth team, Promising (under 13), where he team fell back against the competing team of the same age group. This came during the third week of the first phase of the cup championship on the outdoor stadiums of Al Rayyan and Al Duhail clubs.


Al-Duhail’s Cubs defeated Al-Rayyan’s Cubs by four goals to nothing. Al Duhail’s Hope also crushed Al-Rayyan’s Hope in winning the points of the match after winning against them by four goals to nothing. However, unfortunately, our Promising team lost to Al-Rayyan’s Promising with a score of two goals to nothing. Al-Duhail’s Youth club also beat the opposing team of the same category with a score of four goals to two. Our Youths achieved a deserved victory over Al Rayyan’s Youths, by three goals to nothing.

The Age Groups’ Performance Today:

Our players played strong matches against the Al Rayyan team of the same ages, where all matches were characterized by enthusiasm in performance, and speed in the movements of each team in order to seize the points and in order to keep competing for the championship.