Nam Tae: The match will be difficult for both teams

Our player Nam Tai He described the Iranian Sepahan team as strong. The player said in his speech to the media at the press conference this evening: “We know the strength of the Sepahan team and I have faced the team in several matches and I think my colleagues know exactly how to deal with them and how to win and we know that it will be a difficult match and will not be easy for both teams.

Nam added: “Our loss in the first match will give us the motivation to compensate and get back on the right track again, and despite our loss, our team was the most dangerous and was able to create many opportunities that were could have changed the outcome of the match. However, we now must focus more and work hard. In order to earn points for the next match.”

Nam continued: “I am a midfielder, but being on the left side of the field is a new thing for me, but I am ready to appear anywhere on the field where the technical staff needs me in order to provide the addition to the team and help it achieve the required results.”