Crespo: We are ready for Al Taawun and Madbo is off the list

Coach Hernan Crespo confirmed that facing Saudi Al Taawon team in the fifth round will not be easy. The coach said in a press conference at 4:30 pm today at the Golden Tulip Hotel: “As I said earlier, this tournament is very difficult, and our next match will be against the team whose only option is to enter the field and win. We are playing in a difficult game, because any team can play well but lose because of bad luck.”

“Everyone is ready for the next match, and the team will be full, except for the absence of one player, Assem Madbo, due to multiple warnings. In the final training day, we will be achieve the most prepared squad for this match.” said Crespo.

The coach continued: “We must maintain our winning streak and the good level shown by the team in order to ensure qualification. I am very happy with what the players have done in the previous matches. Even the only match that we lost against Al-Taawoun, we were the best on the field and had the most possession of the ball.”

Regarding the expected presence of the Taawon fans, Crespo said: “It is nice to see the fans in the stands, and this gives the match the excitement it needs, but inside the stadium it is different because the match is between eleven players facing eleven players from the other team.”

“The players must adapt to all the circumstances they face, and everyone must be calm and focused in the next match through which we will work to advance to the next round.” Said Crespo.