The collective efforts helped the team pass the group stage

Al-Duhail’s qualification from group D of the AFC Champions League was not a coincidence, but it was a result of the great effort and attention to all details from all the associated divisions with the team and the players. Namely, the technical staff that made a great effort with the players in order to get them to the physical and technical readiness that leads them to shine on the field and play the roles that were set by Coach Hernan Crespo.

The administrative care played a major role in preparing the players and providing the perfect moral atmosphere that helps them work well. As the administration was always close to the players.
The medical team’s effort was no less important that the other’s, but played the greatest role because of the matches, the continuous training, the fasting , and the time of the matches, which required them to break their fast in the stadium on the days of the matches.

All of these factors made the medical office a busy hive that works day and night in order to keep the players bring back their normal physical condition after each match. In addition to that, they must treat all injuries that happen during the matches quickly in order to keep the players safe. Finally, we cannot forget the great effort made by the logistic staff, such as preparing the stadium before training, maintains the tools of the players and the technical staff, and preparing all these needs before the start of training and matches, so they were the first to attend and the last to leave.