Invitation to the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting…

Al Duhail Club Board of Directors is pleased to invite the members to attend the general assembly (ordinary) meeting of the club on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 at 08:00 pm, in order to discuss the topics listed on the agenda.
1- Ratification of the minutes of the previous meeting.
2_ Discussing the Club President’s report on the club’s activities in the past year and the work plan for the new year.
3- Approval of the closing statement for the fiscal year (2021/2022), which ended on 30/6/2022, and the approval of the estimated budget for the next year (2023/2022).
4- Discussing the auditor’s report, appointing the auditor and estimating his fees for one year.
5- Discussing the points proposed by the members which were submitted ten days prior to the meeting of the general assembly, or the points that the Club President deems to be handled during the general assembly.