Luis Martin: Al Wakra is a good team and our eyes are on the title…

Luis Martin described the team’s last preparation for the strong start of the league, and Luis, who spoke at the pre-match press conference that took place this evening, said: We have made strong preparations and are very confident in our ability to perform at a distinguished level this season, and we want our start with a positive result versus a distinguished team such as Al Wakra who managed to outperform us last season.

Luiz said: We are thinking about the QSL Shield from now already, and this is one of the characteristics of champions, so we must focus well inside the field.

Luiz continued: The results that we got versus Al Wakra last season hurt us. We are a great team, but we did not perform at the level we are known for in those matches, however now we will enter the field of play with full focus and provide what is required of us, and we will not open the way for Al Wakra to control the game and enforce their method of attacks on us.

Martin concluded: I did not help my teammates last season because of my injury, which greatly affected my performance, but I am now completely ready to give my full effort on the field, as well as my fellow players, whose determination to provide the performance required of them not only in Al Wakra match but in all of the games.