Crespo: Al Rayyan is dangerous and satisfied with Shehab’s excellence…

Al Duhail Head Coach Hernan Crespo expressed his confidence in his players’ ability to achieve a positive result in their next match versus Al Rayyan next Tuesday evening. Speaking during the pre-match press conference that took place at 6 pm yesterday in the club’s press conference hall, the coach said: We will face a strong team despite their loss in both the first and second rounds. But I know that coach Cordoba is working hard to get out of this unpleasant situation with his players who perform strongly on the field.

Crespo said: Al Rayyan team is a very dangerous, but on the other hand, Al Duhail is ready for this confrontation and to deal with all the possibilities that can arise on the field.

Crespo continued, “We have to work and keep our focus on the field attempting always to control the ball and I know the win will come and we lost points in previous games because of bad luck but we are on the right track and must continue working hard.

The coach concluded: I am very happy with the excellent performance presented by our goalkeeper, Shehab Al-Laithi, in our previous match versus Al Ahli and his distinctive appearance, which made him win man of the match. In addition this was the first match in which the professional Portuguese defender Ruben Semedo played alongside Youssef Ayman, and they succeeded in appearing at a good technical and physical level.