Al Duhail to the Final of Qatar Cup…

With spirit and determination, our first team of football managed to defeat Al Wakra by two goals to one in the Qatar Cup semifinal match played today in Jassem bin Hamad Stadium and kicked off at 07:45 pm.

Despite the obvious dominance of our team during the first half, nevertheless Al Wakara succeeded in finishing the first half in the lead with one goal scored by their striker Mohamed bin Yato at the 15th minute, noting that Al Duhail missed several goal scoring opportunities, the most prominent of which was Ferjani Sassi’s header.

In the second half, our team entered the pitch seeking to return in the game, which happened at the 51st minute by our striker Michael Olunga, while the winning goal scored by Nam Tae Hee at the 73rd minute.

Match Card

Date & Time: Thursday 09 February 2023 – 07:45 pm
Venue: Jassem bin Hamad
Occasion: Qatar Cup – Semifinal Round
Teams: Al Duhail vs Al Wakra
First Half Result: 1 – 0 (Al Wakra)
Match Result: 2 – 1 (Al Duhail)
Goals: Mohamed bin Yato (15th minute – Al Wakra), Michael Olunga and Nam Tae Hee (51st, 73rd minutes)
Yellow Cards: Bassam Al Rawi, Mohamed Al Naimi, Khaled Mohamed, Youssef Ayman
Red Cards: None

Team Start List: Shehab Al Lithie, Bassam Al Rawi, Youssef Ayman (Luiz Martin), Mohamed Al Naimi, Sultan Al Brake, Ferjani Sassi, Khaled Mohamed, Nam Tae Hee, Ismail Mohamed (Mohamed Moussa), Al Moez Ali, Michael Olunga.

Substitutes: Salah Zakariya, Mohamed Moussa, Luiz Martin, Ahmed Moein, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Ali Afif, Dhiyab Haroon, Mohamed Ayyash, Mohamed Muntari.