Youssef Ayman: Ready for Al Arabi

Player Youssef Ayman confirmed that everyone is ready for Al Arabi match tomorrow evening, and Ayman said, speaking at the pre-match press conference held this evening at the club: This game is not only important for us only, but rather crucial for both teams, as it brings together the league leaders and the runner-ups, and despite its importance, it will not decide the title race, but it can To show the features of champions.

Youssef said: Everyone is ready for this confrontation, and we will play in order to achieve victory, because any defeat will have an impact us, and we must be in full mental focus, as this match is the most important in our career and in our approach to winning the QNB Stars League title.

Commenting about his constant presence in the starting line-up squad, Ayman said: I previously played with Qatar Club, but my participations with Al Duhail club is different, and my experience here is different. Thanks Allah, my performance level has developed thanks to my constant participation in the recent period, which will push me to make more efforts in order to maintain my position and always be among the primary options of the technical staff.