Crespo: We are on the right track

What does it mean to you reaching the Ooredoo Cup semifinal round?
It means that the team is on the right path. All clubs participated in this competition so reaching the semifinal means that we put our best efforts and succeeded in achieve the required victories for this end.

What are the team aspirations in this competition?
As I said earlier, Al Duhail enters each and every competition to win the title. We are a big team and as such the aspirations are always ascending the crowning podiums.

What do you think about Al Sadd confrontation?
Always our matches versus Al Sadd are exciting with huge competitiveness, the best evidence of which is what occurred in our recent match when we succeeded return in the very last minute of the game. Such games require full focus from all players during the whole match.

Can the match pressure lately affect the team?
No… everyone is ready and we are working hard with the players to get them in full readiness to perform at their peak. It is quite natural in football to have such pressure. Al Duhail owns a number of highly skilled players with professional mentality and they are aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Is the team suffering from missing players?
The known missing players such as Edmilson, Asem and Al Brake… the remaining players are ready for this game.

Does it motivate the team being on top of the league standing table?
Winning in football grants the players extra energy to continue accomplishing positive results. Indeed being on top of the league table requires the presence of the champions character which proves our right to be in this position