Al Ali: New Coronation & Well-Deserved Title…

Mr. Adnan Al Ali, Al Duhail Club CEO confirmed the team’s entitlement to the league championship title, which was absent from the club’s treasury for two seasons. Al Ali said in a statement to the club’s official website: I extend my congratulations to His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, the Club President, and to Mr. Khalifa Khamis, the Club Vice President, and to all the club’s technical and administrative staff and players, and thank Allah for the success in winning the league title after a difficult season for everyone that required a lot of effort from us in light of the interruptions that occurred due to the organization of the World Cup, and despite the fierce and positive competition that occurred during the season, our players were up to the responsibility and succeeded In crowning with the title as they promised us at the start of the season.

Al Ali said: We wanted to achieve the quadruple this season, but thank Allah in any case, we lost the title of the most expensive tournament, which is the Amir Cup, but we succeeded in crowning with all the other titles, and it is an achievement that counts for everyone who exerted huge efforts throughout the season and worked hard for the team to reach the podiums.

Al Ali continued: This success will certainly raise our ambitions in the new season. After we reached the AFC Champions League semifinal round, we must prepare strongly in order to reach a further stage in the next season, and certainly this will increase the pace of work. The titles that we have achieved give us the motivation to continue working hard to reach further stages.

The Club CEO concluded: We started preparing early for the next season, and God willing, our team will continue to appear as required and achieve the aspirations of our fans who supported us during the season and provided the players with moral support that gave them the incentive to achieve the treble.