Crespo: We are rebuilding the team and ready for the challenges…

ِAl Duhail Head Coach Hernan Crespo confirmed that the competition this season will not be easy for all clubs, and the coach said in the pre-match press conference that took place at 6 pm yesterday in the club’s press conference hall regarding the team’s match versus Al Ahli in the first round of the Expo Stars League: The league starts this season and all clubs have entered into major changes in the players, which is what happened to us as well. Professionals have left us and others have joined, which means that we are rebuilding the team again. I am optimistic about the team’s ability to make a good appearance, especially since we will face in our first match a team that succeeded in creating difficulties for us last season.

Crespo said: The competition will be difficult for everyone, and we are working hard to be strong competitors in all tournaments on the scene and we will strive to win all tournaments.

Crespo continued: I am very happy with the performance that the players showed during the period of the external camp, the hard work they did, and the clear desire of everyone to appear as required. Even after our return, it was clear the players’ focus and competitive spirit, which will make us enter into the atmosphere of competition in the league with full force.

Crespo concluded: I have not yet decided the form in which the team will start its match versus Al Ahli, as everyone deserves to participate and enter the starting line-up, which we will closely monitor until the last training before the match in order to reach the squad with which we will play the confrontation.