Crespo: Today We Controlled the Game & It is not a Penalty…

Al Duhail Head Coach Hernan Crespo expressed his surprise at the penalty kick that the referee awarded to Al Arabi team, which resulted in the equalizing third goal, stressing that the team succeeded in controlling the match most of the time.

Crespo said in a statement to the official website after the end of the match: Today we were able to control the match most of the time. But it is not enough to lead us to achieve our goal and get three points.

Crespo said: We are a team that needs to possess the ball. This is our condition and this is the way we play. We must develop our performance and continuity, but the good thing is that everyone in the team now understands our identity and we are working to maintain and improve that.

The added: For us, this was not a penalty kick. It is difficult to understand that even with the presence of VAR technology, the penalty kick was awarded, but even with the presence of these modern technologies, I believe that some injustice may occur sometimes. We will continue to work on developing and improving our performance as always, I hope everyone does the same.