Ismail: An important confrontation and victory is our goal…

Al Duhail Player Ismail Mohamed described the confrontation that awaits them in the second round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League versus the Iranian team Persepolis tomorrow evening as important. The player said in the pre-match press conference that he was held this afternoon in the Club’s ’s press conference hall: Everyone knows how important the Champions League is… especially for us at Al Duhail Club. This tournament has priority, and we are working with all our might to win the title. Now, we and our brothers at Al Sadd Club represent Qatat in this competition, which requires all fans to stand by our side and provide moral support to both teams.

Ismail added: We know the value and importance of this match, as it is our first in our home stadium, and the team lost two points in the previous match, and we must make up for it in this match, and we hope to appear in a way that guarantees us victory and points.

Ismail continued: The difference in the tournament system and the rise of one team from each group accompanied by the best three teams from the five groups makes there no difference between a match at home or away, and although our start was not in a good way, we still have our chances to snatch the ticket to qualify for the next round. We have no choice but to win our next match, which will force us to make every effort on the field to achieve victory.