Youssef Ayman: We will correct the mistakes and we will return the team to its normal place…

Player Youssef Ayman expressed his confidence in his colleagues’ ability to overcome the period of decline that the team is going through and return to the normal course again. The player said to the pre-match press conference that was held yesterday afternoon in the club’s press conference hall: We are working hard to win the upcoming match that will bring us together with Al Ahli in the opening of our journey in the second part of the league to be the beginning of our launch towards returning the team to its normal place.

Ayman added: All teams go through such a decline in performance and positive results, but we must know the mistakes that happened and work to correct them, and benefit from the stoppage period in regaining the players to their normal condition and regaining the strength that Al Duhail team was known for.

Youssef concluded: There were individual mistakes that appeared in the team’s performance, and such mistakes happen from all players, which is a normal thing in the world of football. The technical staff and the players have the desire to treat them, and we will treat them and overcome all the obstacles that caused the decline of our level and work on building a single block, the idea of football now is not played by the lines, but depends on the collective performance defensively and offensively.