Ibrahim Kader : We are capable of getting back on track…

Player Ibrahim Kader expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to overcome the difficult situation they are going through this period. In the pre-match press conference held yesterday evening in the club’s press conference hall, the player said: We are suffering this period from negative results in the league fixtures, but of course this will not last long. I am fully confident in my teammates’ ability to get out of this situation as quickly as possible in the upcoming matches.

The player added: I will try to help the team and I will make every effort on the field and implement all the instructions of the technical staff in order to return to the winning path and for the team to regain its known performance.

Regarding the position he prefers to be in on the field, the player said: I am at the disposal of the technical staff and I can be in any position they see fit for me to benefit the team.