Al Duhail defeats Al Sadd with a hat-trick from Almoez, Olunga, and Al Brake…

The team successfully regained their strength and managed to achieve huge victory over Al Sadd with three goals to one in the match that brought both teams together at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium at 09:30 pm today, bringing their points tally to 25.

The first half of the match started with clear control from our team, which imposed its control over the midfield area and managed to create attacks on Al Sadd defensive fronts. A penalty was awarded to our team in the 14th minute, which Al Moez failed to put into the net.

In the 40th minute, from a quick counter-attack, the ball reached Ismail Mohamed, who passed a cross inside the Al Sadd penalty area, from which Al Moez Ali scored the first goal with a powerful shot.

In the second minute of added time, Akram Afif managed to equalize for his team.

The excitement of the match continued in the second half, and each team entered the field in search of the goal of progress, which our team succeeded in reaching in the 57th minute through Michael Olunga after a quick counter-attack in which the ball reached Al Moez, who passed a cross that Olunga managed to put inside the net.

The second goal gave our players the push to continue the perfect performance, which was clear in the third goal that Sultan Al Brake managed to score in the 62nd minute after a cross from Michael Olunga, which Sultan received on his chest and fired a left-footed shot that hit the Al Sadd net.

Despite Al Sadd attempts to return to the match again, the brilliance of our players, especially goalkeeper Shehab Al Laithi, managed to maintain the victory until the referee blew his whistle to end of the match.

Match card:
When: Friday, 05 April 2024.
Location: Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium.
Occasion: Round 20 of the Expo Stars League.
Competing teams: Al Duhail vs Al Sadd.
First half result: 1 – 1.
Match result: 3 – 1 (Al Duhail).
Goals: Al Moez Ali (40th minute), Akram Afif (47th minute – Al Sadd), Michael Olunga (57th minute), Sultan Al Brake (62nd minute).
Yellow cards: Lucas Verissimo, Ismail Mohamed, Youssef Ayman
Red Cards: none.
Team lineup: Shehab Al Laithi, Kim Moon-Huan (Youssef Ayman), Lucas Verissimo, Ibrahima Kader (Mohamed Mousa), Sultan Al Brake, Ibrahima Diallo, Karim Boudiaf (Asim Madibo), Philippe Coutinho (Luiz Martin), Ismail Mohamed (Khaled Mohamed), Al Moez Ali, Michael Olunga.
Substitutes: Salah Zakaria, Mohamed Said, Mohamed Mousa, Youssef Ayman, Khaled Mohamed Saleh, Luiz Martin, Asim Madibo, Suhaib Gannan, Tahseen Mohamed.