Al Duhail overcomes Muaither and clinches the fifth position…

The team succeeded in achieving victory over Muaither in the match that brought both teams together at the Grand Hamad Stadium at 06:30 pm today in the postponed Round 13 fixture of the Expo Stars League by five goals to two to reach 28 points, clinching the fifth position in the league standing table.

The match started with clear control from our team, which managed to open the scoring early through Michael Olunga in the 8th minute of the match with a header, taking advantage of the cross that was passed by Sultan Al Brake.

In the 23rd minute, Muaither returned to the match again after their player Hugo Gomez succeeded in scoring the equalizer with a header.

Muaither’s goal made the team’s players launch an offensive attempts in search of their second goal, which came in the 40th minute with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area by Al Moez Ali to nestle into the net.

Muaither’s response came quickly in the 42nd minute with a goal from Ayman Al Hassony with a shot from inside the penalty area.

In the second half, the team did not wait long to announce their lead again after Coutinho scored the third goal in the 46th minute after a cross that reached him in front of the goal from Olunga, who had no difficulty depositing it into the net.

The fourth goal for our team came in the 80th minute through Michael Olunga, who received a magical pass from Coutinho that put him face to face with the goal, so the player ran alone and put the ball into the net.

In the 89th minute, the substitute Rashed Al Abdullah succeeded in scoring the fifth goal after a pass from Karim Boudiaf to surpass the Muaither defender and put the ball into the net.

Match card:
When: Wednesday, 17April 2024.
Location: Grand Hamad Stadium.
Occasion: Round 13 postponed fxiture – Expo Stars League.
Competing teams: Al Duhail vs Muaither.
First half result: 2 – 2.
Match result: 5 – 2 (Al Duhail).
Goals: Michael Olunga (8th and 80th minutes), Hugo Gomez (23rd minute – Muaither), Al Moez Ali (40th minute), Ayman Al Hassony (42nd minute – Muaither), Philippe Coutinho (46th minute), Rashed Al Abdullah (89th minute).
Yellow cards: Mohamed Moussa
Red Cards: none.
Team lineup: Shehab Al Laithi, Youssef Ayman, Lucas Verissimo, Ibrahima Kader, Sultan Al Brake, Ibrahima Diallo (Karim Boudiaf), Asim Madibou, Philippe Coutinho (Khaled Mohamed), Tahseen Mohamed (Suhaib Gannan), Al Moez Ali (Rashed Al Abdullah), Michael Olunga.
Substitutes: Mohamed Said, Mohamed Moussa, Khaled Mohamed Saleh, Luiz Martin, Karim Boudiaf, Suhaib Gannan, Abdulaziz Mohamed, Abdullah Al Sawaf, Abdulhamid Sebaei, Rashed Al Abdullah.