Diallo: Al Sadd is dangerous, but the final is our goal…

Al Duhail player Ibrahima Diallo said that the team is expecting a tough match against a strong and respected opponent.

“We are preparing seriously for our upcoming match against Al Sadd to play a great game and get a result that will qualify the team for the final,” Diallo said in the pre-match press conference held today.

Diallo said that focus is what is needed to achieve the desired result, and he is confident in his teammates.

“We need focus to achieve what we want, and we are capable of doing that,” Diallo said. “I have great confidence in my teammates, whether they are on the pitch or on the bench, and I know that everyone will do their part to help the team qualify. As a team, we have the capabilities to beat Al Sadd.”

Diallo said that Al Sadd is a dangerous team, but Al Duhail is not focusing on any individual player.

“Al Sadd is a dangerous team, and we are not focusing on any particular player in their squad,” Diallo said. “We respect Al Sadd as a team, and we are confident in our ability to achieve a positive result.”

In conclusion, Diallo said that there is pressure because everyone wants to win the cup, but the team needs to focus only on executing the coach’s plan and prepare well for this match.