Al-Ali: Maintaining the league title was not easy

Adnan Al-Ali, the executive director of the club, congratulated His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani, the club’s president, and Mr. Khalifa Khamis Al-Sulaiti, the vice-president of the club, and all the club’s members on the occasion of Al-Duhail winning the title of the Handball League for the fourth time in the club’s history. Al-Ali said in statements to the club’s official website: “Thank god, the team won the Handball League title and managed to maintain it since the last season. This is something that the team deserves to be applauded for, as well as the good level of the handball team and the administrative staff of the team that worked to provide the perfect atmosphere for the players to play with this amazing performance.

This came after a long and amazing career presented by the team where its players showed good levels in the matches and they succeeded in ascending to the top of the standings despite the stumble that affected the team in two matches. However, these two matches served as the motivation for securing the title of the competition a week before its end, which is counts greatly towards the players and the technical staff that prepared their players well.”
Al-Ali added: “With this success, the team has won its twelfth local title, which is an achievement that counts for them, and I hope that they continue winning local and continental titles.”