Nawaf Al-Maadidi: A win that reflects the administrative care for the team

Nawaf Al-Maadadi, head of the handball team, congratulated the club’s president, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani, the club’s vice president, Khalifa Khamis, and the CEO, Adnan Al-Ali, for winning the Men’s Handball League title for the second time in a row.” Al-Maadadi added: “We congratulate all Al-Duhail fans for winning the league title a week before the end of the tournament, and the impressive level that the team’s players showed during their journey in the tournament this season.”

Al-Maadadi also said: “We thank the club’s management for the great attention it gave to the handball team, which made the players do their best on the field in order to win titles and raise the club’s flag on the podiums.”
Al-Ma’adidi concluded: “I think that the team deserved to win the title after outperforming the rest of the teams thanks to the high spirits and determination, despite the setbacks we had in two rounds. However, our players were determined, and succeeded in getting back on the right track again and deserved to win the title in the end.”