Al Duhail’s Promising team runners-up

Mr. Fahd Thani, Director of the Football Development Department in the Federation, crowned this evening the Al Duhail Promising team as runner-up for the championship. The match was between our team and Al Rayyan team from the same age group. The match was held at Aspire with a large audience for both teams.

Match result:
‏ The only goal in the match came in favor of Al Rayyan in the first half. However, our players tried hard to change the result, but with no luck.

‏ The match was strong, and our players showed a strong football performance, through passes and staged attacks. They showed their individual and collective skill abilities, in addition to their strength and physical fitness. As for Al Rayyan players, they played with a force to be reckoned with until the end of the match with the results in their favour.