Al Duhail Junior team to the podium

‏ Al-Duhail’s Juniors team faced Al-Arabi of the same group in the final match of the Cup Championship, which ended with a score of two goals to none for the Juniors who played a wonderful and strong match.

‏ Goals:
‏ The first goal was scored by Younis Muhammad, and the second goal was by the team captain, Abdulaziz Al-Hamad.
‏ It is worth noting that the match was strong since its beginning. The attacks between the two teams throughout the match were what defined it, but luck was in favour of our team. This exhausted the defense of the Al-Arabi team until it made them retreat to their half of the pitch, which gave our players complete control. It is important that we do not forget to mention the Al Duhail fans as they was one of the pillars of today’s win, with their continuous encouragement of the team.

‏ Coronation:
‏ Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Qahtani, a member of the Football Association, and Captain Abdulaziz Hassan, the former player of our national team, crowned our players with the cup and gold medals in a celebration filled with joy