Crespo: We Didn’t Find Spaces to Create Opportunities…

Al Duhail Head Coach Hernan Crespo confirmed that the team did not appear as expected during today’s match, which caused us to come out with a draw. Speaking to the press conference held after the end of the match, Crespo said: We were able to create some chances during the match, but we did not invest them in the desired manner, and we could have played better, and I don’t want to make excuses, but we are still at the beginning of the season and we will work on all the mistakes that emerged today.

Crespo said: We entered the match in order to achieve victory, but the opponent closed the spaces on us, which greatly hindered the offensive movements of our players, and in return, Istiklol were unable to create a threat to our goal.

Crespo concluded: I was happy with the presence of the fans, and I wanted my team to show their true character and demonstrate the required performance. The presence of the fans in the stands is always the motivation for the players to provide a better performance.