Galtier: We played a good match despite the defeat…

Al Duhail Head Coach Christophe Galtier confirmed his satisfaction with the team’s performance this evening, despite the loss to Al Nasr. The coach said in the post match press conference held after the end of the match: The match was tough and exciting for both sides and witnessed 7 goals scored, and despite the loss, I am satisfied with the performance.

The coach added: Before I assume my job as coach of the team, I reviewed the statistics and they were not good. Today we had 6 goal scoring opportunities and we succeeded in scoring three goals.

Galtier continued: We faced a big team with great potentials and their players had the right solutions, and the goals scored by Ronaldo, Mane and Talisca were beautiful. In this match, the individual capabilities were what made the team, and despite that, my team succeeded in presenting a very good match.

Commenting on the team’s performance during the two halves of the match, the coach said: We did not perform as expected of us during the first half, and the referee evoked us a goal under the pretext of offside, and one of our chances hit the post, but in the second half, the team character emerged, even though we were three goals behind in the score, but the players were able to reduce the gap and score three goals, and they were looking for the equalizer.

Commenting on the delay in his substitutions, the coach said: Changes happen according to the course of the match, and today I was looking for consistency in performance, which is what made us make substitutions in the last minutes to create a reaction on the field.

Galtier stated: Our start in the Champions League was not successful, and it is a strong and complex tournament because the qualification system makes the clubs’ task difficult, and we will wait to see what will happen in the upcoming matches. As for the Qatari League, the team is the champion of the league and we must develop ourselves because we lost a number of points in the previous matches, which kept the team far from the lead, and now an important match awaits us on Saturday, through which we must return to the winning path again.

At the end, the coach congratulated his players despite the defeat and said: I must congratulate the team’s players despite the loss for the performance they showed and the fighting spirit that was present throughout the match.