Galtier: Decline in performance allowed Al Arabi to equalize and we lost the victory…

Galtier expressed his anger at the result of the match versus Al Arabi tonight and the draw that ended the match. The coach said in a statement after the end of the match: “We played a serious match today, especially in the first half, where the players spread out well and made a great effort to control the match. After the red card that Al Arabi received, I decided to bring in another striker.”

Galtier added: “In the second half, we managed to put a lot of pressure on Al Arabi and we were able to create chances, which made us score two goals, but after that our players’ performance declined.

The coach continued: “I am angry because the players felt that they had secured the result after the two goals, so the performance declined and they managed the match poorly, which allowed the opponent to return to the match after their collapse and they scored from a shot and a penalty. We had to learn from our mistakes and not give the opponent the opportunity to come back in the result.