Galtier: We look forward to regaining our balance before the Amir Cup…

Al Duhail Head Coach Christophe Galtier hopes his team will be on time when they face Qatar in the final round of the league. The coach said in a statement to the club’s official website:

“It is the last match of the season in the league, in which we have performed very averagely. We were supposed to perform better and behave more cohesively.

I noticed that we made the same mistakes in our previous match that we had been making in the past few rounds. Although I was optimistic about the improvement of our team in the offensive and defensive aspects, the repetition of the previous mistakes was frustrating.

We failed to perform well, especially on the defensive level and the lack of effectiveness, which cost us dearly when we played with only ten players versus eleven.”

The coach added: “I hope that in the next match versus Qatar, we will regain the spirit that we were accustomed to in previous victories, with a strong commitment to returning quickly to recover the ball and making a collective effort.”

The coach concluded: “There will still be many absences in the lineup, with the continued absence of players such as Kim Moon-Huan and Youssef Ayman, in addition to the players who have recently been suspended such as Al Moez Ali and Mohamed Moussa. We must carefully monitor the performance of everyone, especially since the matches are coming one after the other. Our obvious goal is to win and perform well, and to prepare in the best possible way for the upcoming challenge that awaits us in ten days.