Al Duhail loses the last match in the league to Qatar…

The team lost their last match in the Expo Stars Sports League (2023-2024), which kicked off at 06:30 pm today versus Qatar at Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium, by four goals to two, keeping the team’s score at 28 points in the 6th position in the league standing table.

The first half of the match ended in a draw with two goals for each team, as our team began to return to the match after falling behind by two goals from Yohan Boly in the 13th minute and 22nd minute, but Khaled Mohamed reduce the gap in the 31st minute with a shot from outside the penalty area, and in the 40th minute Michael Olunga scored the equalizing goal. From a penalty kick awarded by the referee after being tackled.

With the start of the second half, the referee showed the red card to our team’s defender Lucas Verissimio, leaving the team with ten players, which Qatar team took advantage of, and scored their third goal in the 66th minute through Javier Martinez, and in the 82nd minute by Malango.

Match card:
When: Sunday, 27 April 2024.
Location: Suhaim bin Hamad Stadium.
Occasion: Round 22 – Expo Stars League.
Competing teams: Al Duhail vs Qatar.
First half result: 2 – 2.
Match result: 2 – 0 (Umm Salal).
Goals: Yohan Boly (13th and 22nd minutes – Qatar), Khaled Mohamed (31st minute), Michael Olunga (40th minute), Javier Martinez (66th minute – Qatar), Malango (82nd minute – Qatar).
Yellow cards: Isaac Lehadj, Lucas Verissimo, Ibrahima Diallo
Red Cards: Lucas Verissimo
Team lineup: Shehab Al Laithi, Ismail Mohamed, Lucas Verissimo, Ibrahima Kader, Sultan Al Brake, Asim Madibou (Tahseen Mohamed), Ibrahima Diallo (Rashed Al Abdullah Gannan), Khaled Mohamed (Karim Boudiaf), Isaac Ledhaj (Fares Said), Suhaib Gannan (Coutinho), Michael Olunga.
Substitutes: Salah Zakaria, Mohamed Said, Luiz Martin, Coutinho, Karim Boudiaf, Abdulaziz Mohamed, Fares Said, Abdulhamid Sebaei, Rashed Al Abdullah, Tahseen Mohamed