Al Duhail Through to the AFC Champions League Quarterfinal by Penalties…

Our first team of football reached the quarterfinal round of the AFC Champions League 2022 after defeating Al Rayyan by penalties, following the extra time ended with one goal for each team, in the Round of 16 match played at 06:00 pm today at Al Thumama Stadium.

The original time of the match ended in a goalless draw, despite the clear advantage of our team, which succeeded in taking control over the maneuvering area, benefiting of the retreat of Al Rayyan players to their defensive areas, which gave our players the advantage in building the offensive attempts and spreading through the field, but the goals were missed due to the clear defensive bloc of Al Rayyan team, with their reliance on counterattacks.

In the first extra half, Al Duhail continued their search for the first goal in the match, but the referee overuled a goal scored by Edmilson, and the referee did it in the 59th minute after returning to the VAR technology.

With the start of the second extra half, Mohammed Muntari succeeded in deciphering Al Rayyan’s defense by scoring the first goal, which came from a header, taking advantage of Edmilson’s cross pass.

In the 123rd minute, Al Rayyan was able to score the equalizer by their player, Steven Nzonzi, with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area, after which the referee announced the end of the match and resorted to penalty kicks, through which our team succeeded in achieving victory scoring 7 to 6 after Edmilson, Olunga, Nam, Muntari, Khaled Mohamed, Bassam, and Boudiaf, while Salah Zakaria saved Al Rayyan’s seventh kick.

Match Card
Date & Time: Sunday 19 February 2023 – 21:00 pm
Venue: Al Thumama
Occasion: AFC Champions League 2022 – Round of 16
Teams: Al Duhail vs Al Rayyan
First Half Result: 0 – 0
Match Result: 0 – 0 (Al Duhail)
First Extra Time: 0 – 0
Second Extra Time: 1 – 1
Goals: Mohammed Muntari (107th minute), Steven Nzonzi (123rd minute – Al Rayyan)
Yellow Cards: Bassam Al Rawi, Kareem Boudiaf, Fredrico Fernandez, Khaled Mohamed, Mohamed Al Naimi
Red Cards: None

Team Start List: Salah Zakariya, Bassam Al Rawi, Fredrico Fernandez (Mohamed Al Naimi), Youssef Ayman (Ismail Mohamed), Sultan Al Brake, Luiz Martin (Edmilson Da Silva), Kareem Boudiaf, Khaled Mohamed, Nam Tae Hee, Al Moez Ali (Mohammed Muntari), Michael Olunga.

Substitutes: Shehab Al Laithi, Mohamed Moussa, Mohamed Al Naimi, Ahmed Moein, Edmilson Da Silva, Ismail Mohamed, Ali Afif, Kareem Boudiaf, Mohammed Muntari, Mohamed Emad, Abdulaziz Mohamed.