Al Duhail Loses to Al Sailiya by Penalties & Bids Farwell to Amir Cup…

Our first team of football lost their match in the Amir Cup quarterfinal round to Al Sailiya by penalties after the 90 minutes ended in a tie by two goals each.

The start of the match came in favor of our team, who led a number of offensive attempts looking for the leading goal, but unlike the course of the match, Al Sailiya took the lead after the referee awarded them a penalty kick, from which their striker Mehrdad Mohammadi scored the first goal in the 18th minute.

Al Sailiya’s goal gave the match the excitement it needed, as our players launched into offense, looking for a goal to return to the match again, which came in the 31st minute with a left-footed shot from Nam Tae Hee.

In the second half, the team continued their attempts, looking for the second goal, but the chances flew out from under the feet of our strikers, and in the same scenario as the first half, Al Sailiya managed to score their second goal in the 69th minute, with a header by striker Sergio Carlos, from a counterattack.

And in the very last minute of the added time (95th minute), Mohamed Muntari succeeded in reviving the hopes of our team to the match by scoring the equalizing goal with a header, so the match ended in a tie with two goals for each team, and the referee resorted to penalties. The team lost 5 to 4 after Luis Martin missed his penalty attempt.

Match Card
Date & Time: Monday 10 April 2023 – 09:45 pm
Venue: Jassim bin Hamad
Occasion: Amir Cup 2023 – Quarterfinal Round
Teams: Al Duhail vs Al Sailiya
First Half Result: 1 – 1
Match Result: 2 – 2 (Al Sailiya won by penalties)
Goals: Mehrdad Mohammadi (17th minute – Al Sailiya, Nam Tae Hee (31st minute), Sergio Carlos (69th minute – Al Sailiya), Mohamed Muntari (90+5 minute).
Yellow Cards: Khaled Mohamed, Mohamed Al Naimi, Luis Martin
Red Cards: None

Team Start List: Shehab Al Laithi, Ismail Mohamed, Ruben Semedo, Federico Fernandez, Luiz Martin, Mohamed Al Naimi, Khaled Mohamed (Mohamed Muntari), Ferjani Sassi (Karim Boudiaf), Nam Tae Hee (Suhaib Gannan), Al Moez Ali, Michael Olunga.

Substitutes: Mohamed Al Bakri, Salah Zakaria, Mohamed Moussa, Youssef Ayman, Ahmed Moein, Dhiyab Haroon, Suhain Gannan, Ahmed Riyadh, Mohamed Muntari, Abdulaziz Mohamed